CHANGE = to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone:

last plat show

Change is NEVER easy? Change is VERY EASY when you understand and look forward to growth, progress, and something new. I realized a long time ago that CHANGE IS GOOD. In the times where God has moved me into a new season or a new chapter, there has always been that timeframe of change, the times of HELLO & GOODBYE. Goodbye to the old (places, positions, cities, relationships, experiences, memories, etc) and hello to the new (places, positions, cities, relationships, experiences, memories, etc).

What’s changing? Well, let me squueeeeeezzze my past 3 months into a couple sentences: In one week I was told my family has 30 days to move from the house we were living in AND we had close the doors to LIFE CENTER. Moving your entire house and church building within one month…with nowhere to go, um I’ll take “unpredicted situations that change your life” for $500 please (I really hope you readers are familiar with Jepordy or that made no sense to you). During a couple weeks of hotel, trailer park, camp ground, and house church conversations, we find and buy OUR FIRST HOME. So now we’re moving…oh, did I mention, I work a mon-fri full time job, have my own side business, and over see different ministries… someone please sleep for me because I don’t have time to slip into my pajamas. Bringing it to a close; No sleep, can’t answer my phone because I’m sweeping out a flooded garage while NOT answering emails because I just worked 12 hours with no breaks knowing that we have no building to hold our events causing me to rewrite our summer plans all while our website (yes, this very one right here) is shut down because I forgot to pay my domain name renewell fee AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus said “you can’t pour new wine into old wine skins” (Mark 2:22). There has to be some change (even if it is uncomfortable) if you want something new.  Praise God that even when we burst as old wine skins He makes us new again, able to carry something fresh. How did God make me new? He used people like Floyd Huntly (HolyKiss) to call me just to pray for me. He gives me support through people like my cousin Pastor Anthony. My Wife & Son, my motivation. He surrounds me with great people like the HD Platform Staff (Ahelya, Paul, Kyndra, Anthony, Kourtney, Josh, Ryan, Kylie, Daniel, and Jessica). He gives me strength through my family and friends who helped me move. People like Trish, Anna, Larry, Willie & Gree who remind me what God has called me to do. Men and Woman of God like Pastor Martin, Alex Perez, Rob Sanchez, and my in law’s, Pastor Tommy & Monica whose words fueled my faith. The bands and artist from the High Desert who inspire me to do what I do. That’s how God guided me through this “change”.

Bands and artist like Kylie & Mychal, Chad & Garret, Holy Kiss, Audrey Teal, and Just a Bunch of Musicians, who put on one of my favorite shows of all time. You guys that performed on April 13, 2013 at the LIFE CENTER’s final Platform show reminded me, that even though change has come the future looks awesome. So what’s next? Oh, you don’t want to miss what we have planned for you. And with all that said, Goodbye & Hello. -Esteban

With a hit single (and video) making its way through the social media world, XMAN Minsitries (Krosswordz, PS2, Xclusive) had everyone anticipating a great show. Add on some of the HD Platform’s HIP HOP favorites and it is a guaranteed party.


For the first time blessing the stage, MC LIFE translated his powerful testimony of gangs and anger into some hard-hitting music that kicked off the night. Joined on stage by G-LOC, the two shared their stories of how Jesus changed their lives. From G-LOC’s “66 Reasons” to MC Life’s “I Promise You”, the 2 MC’s rocked THE PLATFORM for the first of many shows to come.


“When I Say Jesus You Say Light Life”! KING D started his performance with one of the many reasons why he is one of the local favorites. His crowd participation and catchy hooks brings back that classic Hip Hop feel good vibe. Performing his hits, King D had the entire place dancing…and bouncing when he dropped a remix of the old school jam “Bounce, Rock, Skate”. If you’re looking for that old school hip hop vibe make sure to catch the MC who reps that Kingdom Dynasty, King D.


I think every man, woman, and child was “popping their collar and leaning to the side” after this next performance. THE SAINT brought his west coast sound and hyped every body up out of their seats. Tha Saint put together a nice set that he called his past, present, and future, taking the crowd through hits from his past and up coming albums. He definitely ended his set with a bang, debuting his new single “The Holy Ghost Walk” which I promise you, we’ll be seeing a lot more of. Yeeeee!!!


WOW! That’s how I can start describing the last performance of the night. XMAN Minsitries (Krosswordz, PS2, Xclusive) SHUT IT DOWN! Over the past year Krosswordz has emerged as a PLATFORM favorite and his position has only made him allow Jesus to flow through him more and more. Not only has he stepped up as an artist but now he is joined with the equally hot MC’s PS2 & Xclusive. The three had the place jumping as soon as their beat hit, and if that wasn’t enough, they were joined on stage by CAUGHT UP’s Stephanie Lozano-Quintanar, who shined bright in their collaboration “Letters to God”. But what everyone was waiting for was that fog horn, hand clapping, whistling synth, smash hit “Turn It Up”. The crowd went crazy as soon as they announced this song and I promise you, we’ll be hearing this jam for a while. GET LIVE! –Esteban

Thank you to our 2013 Winter/Spring Platform Sponsors Roll Over Beethoven’s, Patricia Scott for PartyLite, DB Music, LIVG Ministries, Grace Awakening Ministries, Kyndra Martinez for Ambiance Hair Studio, and Forbes Graphx.


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