Hey High Desert Bands and Artist. I am sad to announce that we will not be producing any shows or events over the 2014 summer and we’re also canceling this year’s Feed the Bears Tour. God has opened some amazing doors for my family and I and with that has come an extremely busy schedule. I want to continue in the things that God has called me to do while avoiding any neglect of my family or job. This does not mean that we are stopping or shutting down The HD Platform, if anything this is opportunity to invest the quality time that is needed to launch our website into national coverage and prepare everything needed to open up our very on venue in 2015. Our goals for The HD Platform are moving forward as planned I have just decided to hold off on any shows or events while we lay the foundation for this next chapter in our lives. The local Christian music scene has become like a family, a family that we are truly blessed to be apart of. We have been blessed to see so many bands and artist do amazing things for the Lord over these past couple of years and as you all continue in your journey with God we will continue to support you. -Esteban Vargas, The HD Platform

We will continue to support and promote any projects or events from local artist so please continue to send us your info.

The Voice 760
Hey High Desert…Wait! Hey world!!! There’s a new Christian internet radio station coming out from right here in Victorville Ca, The Voice760. Founder Pastor Tommy Hinojos (Grace Awakening Ministries) say’s that from the airing of the first episode in December 2013 the goal has been and will continue “to get this gospel of the kingdom preached in all the world for a witness into all the nations”. Accompanied by the show’s producer Juan C. Rios and Host/DJ Joeselin “Jojo” Lopez the Voice760 has already reached plays in Nevada, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico and has skipped across the country with plays in Australia. Testimonies have already come in from all over the world with the encouragement they have received by tuning into their weekly broadcast. Only after 2 months and 8 episodes the Voice760 has been picked up by two fm radio stations, opening the door to be heard all over the nation. With goals of placement on multiple Am and FM stations (as well as Spanish translated episodes) the Voice760 is on it’s way to bringing you a fresh sound from the Desert.

For more info on the voice check out >>> The Voice 760


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